Call Your Senators- Medicaid is Essential for Addiction Treatment


Tell Your Senators- Don't Cut Funding for Medicaid Expansion

The U.S. Senate is moving quickly to pass legislation by the July 4 recess, which is really June 30, as that is the last day the Senate is in session before break. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) needs two weeks to score the legislation, which means that the legislation has to be written by this Friday the 16th to make that deadline. That leaves the Senate very few legislative days to rewrite 1/6th of the Country's economy.

The Senate recently stated that they would not let the public see the bill before it is voted on. That is a direct result of the advocacy of millions of people scaring them into silence.

Your voice matters! Melt down the phone lines, and inundate their inboxes!

Call your state Senators on Thursday June 15th for a National Call-in Day